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OptionMonitor allows you to Screen, Analyze and Track Stock & Option Data easily and effectively. Customize Option Screening, Personalize your own Settings and Track your Option Trading performance. See why our Covered Call Screener & Option Analysis is preferred by so many Individual Investors & Financial Professionals!
Our Stock Option Tools (Listed Below) are organized into Market Sectors, Special Studies, LEAP's, Indices, ETF's and more. Analyze Covered Calls, Put & Call Data, Spread Positions & Stock Fundamental Data effectively. Then let our Portfolio Tracker help Manage, Organize, & Track your Investments...or "paper trade" and evaluate your practice trades.

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"There are quite some websites dedicated to Covered Calls & similar strategies. One we like is optionmonitor.com, which gives many different ways to find the ideal option to do a covered call. We use this site a lot because its information is trustworthy & the site is user-friendly."
The Complete Guide to Non-Directional Trading
(Heinrich Weber & Kermit Zieg Jr., 2006 Traders Press).


Stock & Option Portfolio Tracker
Track and Analyze your Stock, Option, Covered Calls, & Option Combo/Spread Positions. This unique Tool analyzes Returns for Option Positions at... -more
Portfolio Manager
Create, label and edit your Portfolios. This tool lets you Organize, Label & Manage different Portfolios or "Practice" Portfolios. You can enter trades and track different e... -more
Covered Call Screener
Comprehensive and powerful Covered Call Screener allows for quick Screening and re-sortable columns. Screen for Covered Call candidates using criteria such as ROI Option Yields, ... -more
Group Screener
"Group & Sector Screener"
Located within the Covered Call Screener, this powerful Tool serves as a Market Sector Screener and lets users Screen only the Market Sectors, Indices, Special Studies ... -more
Market Data (Group Folder Data)
Users can view folders tabs for Option Data, Stock Data/Research, Short term Stock Performance data, & 52 Week Performance data. Scan, Sort and then Re-sort criteria within Market .
.. -more
Personal Hotlist
Add and Track stocks in your Own Personal Hotlist for quick viewing and data comparisons. Users can View, Sort and Scan this list using tabs such as Option Data, Stock Data
... -more

  • OptionMonitor "Personalized Help" OptionMonitor offers "One on One" Help to our subscribers. Let us take you through the site over the phone and help direct you towards your strategies & goals.

  • Covered Call Detail Analysis Tables View comprehensive Covered Call Data, Analysis, Calculators, Tools & Graphs as well as Stock Data and quick links for your important investment decisions.

  • Covered Call Purchase Price Calculator Users have the ability to type in their Own "Purchase Price" in order to re-calculate Covered Call yields to view a more accurate picture of their transaction.

  • CALL Option Data & Analysis View Call Data such as Bid /Ask Premiums, Bid/Ask% Premium to stock Price, Volume/Open Interest data, Price target analysis and Premium Filters and More.

  • PUT Option Data & Analysis Similar to the Call Option Pages, these Put Option pages offer everything that the Call pages offer to help with Potential PUT Purchase/Sale decisions or for Naked Put Writing, and for Protective Puts used in Combination with Covered Calls.

  • Call SPREAD Analysis and Screener Screening Parameters include "Min. Return on Investment (ROI%), % Stock Can Drop Before Loss, STRIKE PRICE PURCHASED: (Minimum % "In the money"), and DESIRED STRIKE PRICE SOLD: (Maximum % "Out of the Money."). Users can choose specific Spreads to view in detail as well and adjust stock price assumptions to view potential returns/losses.

  • " My " Site Settings This will allow the user to customize their own settings throughout the site and display only the Options/Covered calls, etc. within your own Ranges. (i.e. Minimum In/Out of the Money %s, ROI Yield or Annualized, Minimum Spread Returns to List, Minimum Downside Protection for Covered Calls + more).

  • + More Features... and continuous site enhancements and improvements! !

    With 20 minute delayed* stock & option quotes, we offer continuous intra day screening for Stock & Option Investments. Our goal at OptionMonitor is to provide objective Tools to help Investors easily track & analyze data more efficiently. * Do you have any questions? Is your knowledge of stock options limited? Are you unsure about certain strategies? We encourage you to use our HELP section, call us at (203) 325-1171 or e-mail us at: info@optionmonitor.com for personalized help.

  • Try OptionMonitor for yourself to see just how our Tools can help you organize, analyze and track your Option Investments & potential trades. OptionMonitor offers a 10 day Free Trial. If you are not satisfied with the service anytime in the first 10 days of your trial, you can cancel with NO FEE.

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